Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Four Corners Car Collectors Show

We took the Model T to the Seventh Annual Four Corners Car Collectors show in Farmington on Sunday, September 19th. This was a large show (187 entries) with 22 different classes. They placed the Model T in the 1910-1940 Stock Pickup class. Here it is parked at the show.

It attracted a lot of attention from young and old alike. The fellow in the red shirt in this picture was a high school coach at Tribune back in the sixties, so he was familiar with western Kansas. The lady in the picture remembered when her parents traveled in a similar Model T truck.

Here's a picture of a 1940 Ford pickup with a vintage travel trailer. They were parked close to where we were.

Galena with the Model T.

And here's a picture of her favorite car at the show. She liked the black cherry color. It is a nice paint job!

This is a Model A coupe that was one of the restored originals.

The Model T took first in its class as well as the "Best Ford" award. This is the "Best Ford" award.

We had a great time at the show and enjoyed looking at all the other cars. We also discovered that we should take something for shade. We did think to take chairs to sit on, but were in the sun most of the day. We'll figure it out eventually. The new pickup towed the trailer with the Model T in it very well, so that made me happy!!!


  1. Great post -- congratulations again and thanks for all the fun pictures!

  2. Very nice pictures showing off some recognition of your restoring job. Glad you got the awards. Galenas favorite color looks nice but please don"t forget to be loyal to the Model T. Ha, ha, ha.