Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Four Corners Car Collectors Show

We took the Model T to the Seventh Annual Four Corners Car Collectors show in Farmington on Sunday, September 19th. This was a large show (187 entries) with 22 different classes. They placed the Model T in the 1910-1940 Stock Pickup class. Here it is parked at the show.

It attracted a lot of attention from young and old alike. The fellow in the red shirt in this picture was a high school coach at Tribune back in the sixties, so he was familiar with western Kansas. The lady in the picture remembered when her parents traveled in a similar Model T truck.

Here's a picture of a 1940 Ford pickup with a vintage travel trailer. They were parked close to where we were.

Galena with the Model T.

And here's a picture of her favorite car at the show. She liked the black cherry color. It is a nice paint job!

This is a Model A coupe that was one of the restored originals.

The Model T took first in its class as well as the "Best Ford" award. This is the "Best Ford" award.

We had a great time at the show and enjoyed looking at all the other cars. We also discovered that we should take something for shade. We did think to take chairs to sit on, but were in the sun most of the day. We'll figure it out eventually. The new pickup towed the trailer with the Model T in it very well, so that made me happy!!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Fiestas de Cuba

We took the Model T down to the Fiestas de Cuba parade and car show on Saturday. Fiestas de Cuba is a organized by the Immaculate Conception Church and raises funds to support the Immaculate Conception School. Galena rode with me in the parade, and threw candy to the children along the street. Here're a couple of pictures of us in the parade. They're much the same, just taken at different locations.

Here's one of the lineup at the car show. It was a car, truck and motorcycle show, and was open to all kinds from antiques to hot rods to low riders.

Smokey Bear was at the Fiesta, too. He's meeting some of the local children.
The Model T drew a lot of attention and a lot of questions. It took second place in the truck class, and "Best of Show" overall.

Here's a picture of the 55 Chevrolet pickup that took first in the truck class.

It was a long day in the sun. Here're Galena relaxing with Sophiah after we got home.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Wichita County Fair ....

Galena and I loaded the Model T into its trailer and headed out Tuesday for Leoti.

After a long day on the road, we unloaded the Model T in Dad's garage and parked the trailer.

Then we took off Wednesday morning for Clay Center, where we visited with some of Galena's family that she hadn't seen for several years, including her 94 year old Aunt Jessie.

On Thursday, we returned to Leoti and met up with the rest of the family at the afternoon "burger burn" at the fair. Friday we attended the Old Settlers' breakfast at the senior center. We spent the afternoon at the fair, then went to the rodeo in the evening. We had a great time showing off the Model T to family members. Dad demonstrated how they used to crank the engine to start it. He also gave me some pointers on shifting the auxilary transmission without grinding the gears and adjusted the carburetor so it ran smoother. The engine is running better as it gets a few miles on it.

Looking her over ....

Here's Galena with the Model T and her purple Wichita County Fair t-shirt and 4H hat.

New and Old ....

We made a sign for both sides telling about the history.

We're all ready for the parade.

Saturday morning Dad and I took the Model T to the parade staging area, then drove it along the parade route, throwing out candy to the kids.

After the parade we had a great time giving rides to everyone who wanted one.

Sunday morning we loaded it back up and started home. The road home was as long as it was coming, but we did manage to find a smoother route. We had a fabulous time with family and the fair, even though it was a year later than we originally planned. The wait was worth it !!!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Getting Ready for the Fair

Wow!! I can't believe summer is going by so fast. We still have lots of things we want and need to get done, and time is slipping by.

The Model T is nearly ready for the fair. I cleaned it up, cleaned up the tires and waxed the sheet metal. It shines up really nice. Here're a couple of pictures.

We took it up to Clear Creek picnic area for a birthday party Saturday, and got caught in a rain shower, so now I need to clean up the wheels and tires again. It was a nice slow shower, and much needed. It's starting to shower a little in the afternoons.... not much at all so far, but it cools it off really nice and makes the air smell fresh and clean.

I'm planning to replace the grease in the Warford transmission with John Deere's Corn Head grease. I haven't been able to find any around here, but the John Deere dealer in Alamosa has some, so we'll pick some up on the way to Rainbow Lake later this week.

Like a lot of other people in New Mexico, we've been visited by a bear. He made a mess of our deck while we were in Colorado last week, then came back for more twice after we got things cleaned up. Game and Fish is supposed to bring a trap if they can find one that's not in use. Here's a picture Galena took .....

We've learned not to keep anything at all that he might be interested in out in reach, which includes Sophiah's food. Sophiah is confused about where he's supposed to eat, but he'll figure it out I'm sure.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Spring has Sprung and Summer's Just Around the Corner .....

We had the honor of a visit by Dad and Lois earlier this week. It was great. We enjoyed lots of visiting, rides in the Model T and some sight seeing. Galena and I got some high-level lessons in how to play "Up and Down". Maybe (with a lot of practice) we'll be able someday to achieve a level where we can offer some competition.

It's turned off warm, dry and windy this spring. The fire danger level is currently "Very High" here. There were a couple of fires started by careless Memorial Day Holiday campers, one of which burned nearly 2,000 acres of forest near Fenton Lake. We're anxiously awaiting some moisture.

Here's a picture of Dad and Lois heading out on a ride in the Model T.

And here they are returning from a spin around Deer Lake.

Here's a picture of them with the truck just after unloading it from the trailer.

Galena was so busy taking pictures we didn't get her in any of them, so here's on of her on the couch on the deck with Sophiah the cat.

A nice picture of Teakettle Rock that Lois took:

Galena, Dad and Lois at Abiquiu Lake.

As I said, we had a great visit. We're looking forward to more family time at Rainbow Lake in July, and at the Wichita County Fair.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

April Showers .....

Spring has definitely arrived here in the Nacimiento Mountains of New Mexico. All the snow here is gone, with the exception of some of the shady areas. The grass in the meadow is greening up, helped by a little over an inch of spring showers Friday evening. I'm working on a long list of projects that need to be completed by the end of the summer. Hopefully, we'll find time for some summer fun, too. I brought the Harley home from Rio Rancho, where I had it parked for the winter at a friend's house. I did manage a good ride to Farmington last week so I could get it serviced and ready for upcoming rides.

I've been working a little on the Model T. I took the hood off and took the panel I damaged last summer in to be repaired and repainted. I plan to install a generator and complete the wiring for the headlights this summer. I made a spare tire mount for the trailer, and plan to wire it for 115 volts and put in a storage cabinet/work area.

I'm still agonizing about what to do for a tow vehicle/daily driver. I looked at the 2011 Super Duty pickups, but am not impressed by what I read about the 6.2 liter V-8 they're replacing the Triton V-10 with. It is rated for more horsepower, but less torque than the V-10, but the part I don't like is it develops maximum horsepower at 5,500 RPM and torque at 4,400 RPM. That's winding it up too tight as far as I'm concerned. Also, I'm reluctant to spring for a vehicle that has a first-year engine. Guess I'm just too old fashioned. I'm going to have to do something soon, though.

Galena and I are looking forward to going to Colorado sometime this summer. The kids gave us tickets on the Durango-Silverton Railroad, so we'll definitely include that in our plans, in addition to Rainbow Lake in July and the Wichita County Fair.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Come On, Sunshine !!!

After eight inches of new snow Tuesday night and another twelve inches Wednesday night, the total so far this winter is now 105 inches. Wednesday and Thursday were plowing days. I haven't got the meadow plowed, as the snow is too wet and deep. I guess if I want to get anything out of the meadow I'll have to dig it out by hand. I don't want to use the Bobcat, as the ground isn't frozen and the Bobcat is pretty hard on muddy ground.

I shoveled the snow away from the north side of the garage again. Hopefully, this will be the last time and the weather will warm up enough to melt it down. There's so much snow piled up there now that it's difficult to throw it that far. Here's a picture of how it looked after I finished shoveling...
and here's how it looked about twenty minutes after I finished shoveling.

There's supposed to be another storm on the way Sunday night. I hope it doesn't drop too much more snow. I'm ready for spring.