Tuesday, February 10, 2009

One Step Back . . . . .

Slow progress so far this week. I have managed to paint a lot of parts so they're ready to bolt on. The weather has turned cold again, with around eight inches of new snow, which translates to a lot of time on the four wheeler pushing snow around. Yesterday, my air compressor went down. After a little investigation, I found that the pulley on the motor was loose and spinning on the shaft, and the key was missing. I happened to have some 3/16" key stock, so was able to make a new key, clean up the shaft and the slot in the pulley, and tighten the allen screws as tight as I dared. The compressor is back on line, so I can get back to cleaning parts. This morning one of my neighbors called to ask if I could help him troubleshoot problems he was having installing a winch on his ATV to raise and lower his snowplow. Turned out that the winch control relay was bad, so we'll have to wait until they send a replacement to get it working.

It's supposed to be sunny tomorrow before another winter storm front moves in on Thursday. Tomorrow will be a short day as Galena has an appointment with a chiropractor in Farmington, meaning I'll leave early to go with her. In the meantime, here are a couple of pictures of the snow. The first one is looking south from the deck toward Bluebird Mesa.
And the second one is looking out the upstairs window down Senorito Canyon to the west.


  1. Beautiful scenery! Maybe you can send some moisture our way? Please!

    I hope your garage stays warm so that you can get lots of work done.

  2. Good pictures of the snow and maybe you will get caught up on total inches that you need. Air compressor pulleys like to come loose on their shaft but glad you had keystock to fix your breakdown and got it going.
    You probably already know this but I suggest you be sure and remember to retard the spark when cranking the Model T engine as that is when broken arm or thumbs come about if it is'nt retarded. I never knew of it kicking but guess I always remembered to put the spark lever up when cranking it.
    We got a few drops of rain yesterday and some forecasted towards the end of the week. Sure need a good soaking rain as it is really dry here.
    Love from Dad and Lois.

  3. Hey Dad!!! Cool Blog, Mike will love details on your truck.
    We're having our first "severe weather" today. I wish it was snow like you have....my Kansas family would laugh at our panic and fear of tornados... :0)
    Love you,