Thursday, February 26, 2009

Back in Business

I got two parts orders in this week. The first included the fan belt, radiator hoses and a few small parts for the emergency brake. The second had most of the wiring looms. I was able to install the radiator and radiator shell after putting on the fan belt and the crank, so that was a significant event. This picture shows the engine and radiator. Of course, the carburetor from Mac's is still missing, but hopefully it will be here by the time I get the wiring in place.

Here's a picture of the coil box with its cover. There were a couple more coil box covers in the stuff Bob and I found in the garage on the farm. This one was in good shape, and had rounded corners. The other two had square corners. I don't know which one (if any) was on the truck originally.

This afternoon Ed and Charlie came over and we lifted the body onto the frame. It's bolted onto the body mounts, but I still have to install the bolts that fasten the body and firewall together. Then I can install the support rod between the firewall and the radiator so the hood fits properly.

This was a short "work week". I had a doctor's appointment in Albuquerque Tuesday and Galena had an appointment in Farmington yesterday afternoon, so that pretty much shot a day and a half. I decided to go back to Albuquerque this morning to get some new tires on my pickup, as they were getting pretty thin. Tomorrow I'll go to Santa Fe for a military and veteran appreciation at the state capitol. So far next week is looking better, so maybe I can get more done then.


  1. Great progress and thanks for the update and the pictures showing it beginning to look like a professional restoring job.
    I finally got the Granada back with everything seeming to be right. The gas gauge decided to quit working yesterday and Dan checked for a loose wire connection but nothing wrong there so he thinks it needs a new sender. I will get the gas burned down low so he can put in a new one. It still has a little oil drip yet but nothing like it did. hope your restoring keeps going good.
    Love from Dad and Lois.

  2. Larry-there is a similar jack as in the picture under the bench in the old shop. I found a wooden handle screwdriver that has to be pretty old. i remember the tire pump, an oil can and grease gun but don't know if they are around. We need to look through a couple boxes of tools when you're here sometime. Bob