Thursday, April 2, 2009

Looking Better !!!

This week I finished installing the hood, the windshields, the back glass, the doors and the headlights. The hood still doesn't fit as good as I would like, and I can't get the movable portion of the windshield to go completely closed, but I'll work on them more later. Here are some pictures of it as it looks now....
These first two are outside the garage. I try to take it for a short drive every day so the engine will get broken in.

This is a front view inside the garage....

and this is Sophiah after a hard day of hunting mice (or maybe just lying around the house).

Next week's project is to work on the top. I'll get it down tomorrow so I can assess what I need to do to the wood. I have new padding and top material to put on it waiting. I'm hoping I can use at least the main wood parts by sanding and painting them.


  1. Prezados gentlemen, my compliments for this Blog, with admiration,
    Efigênia Coutinho

  2. Looks like you are coming along great and don't know about the top windshield not wanting to close properly as I suppose it could be a number of things not wanting to cooperate. We had a very light cover of snow this morning but nothing of the moisture we need and had a nice day. Looks like Sophiah might be a typical special cat and would be great if she was a good mouse catcher.Hope things all fit good and thanks for the picture progress.
    Dad and Lois.

  3. I have been thinking about the top windshield not closing clear shut and if the top hinge is free like it should be then maybe the adjusting control on each side is not mounting right. The slotted lever should be sticking up when it is closed and I am thinking they they were clamped to the upright on each side so they could be out ofalignment some way. My forgetfulness may be working overtime and no excuses of course.
    Sounds like we are in for a bad wind tomorrow and maybe a snowflake or two.
    Love to you both from Dad and Lois.