Thursday, June 11, 2009

Battery Box Built, Bed Floor in Place ....

This has been a pretty productive week. I built and installed the battery box early in the week. Here's a picture of it on the truck.

Yesterday I spent the day screwing the floorboards to the bed frame. Everything went smoothly. The tongue and groove boards Charlie and I made last week worked great. Here's a picture of the bed before finishing. The screw holes are plugged and all the holes are drilled to fasten the sideboards to.

This picture is of the bed after sanding the floor and the first coat of finish. I also glued up the pieces that will be the front and the tailgate.

Galena and I took it out this afternoon for its first drive on the highway. We went up to the top of Senorita Divide and a little way down the other side. The total distance was maybe three miles. It ran well. I think I may need to adjust the coils, as it runs better on the battery than on the mag.


  1. Progress with a capital P. Looks great and will soon be ready to haul a load of grain. I guess you guys could come out and haul wheat from the combine to the bin znd have Galena scoop it off while you go fill a water jug or something.
    We had 1.60 rain here in town and I think about the same at the farm yesterday and last night. Radar shows we should be getting more storm here in a few minutes. Hope the hail stays away.
    Love from Dad and Lois.

  2. Hey,Larry-we got home about 12:30 this morning and am checking on news.anyway about the Rainbow Family-years ago when Aunt Mary was still alive the Rainbows got together at the Overland Res. above Paonia. Uncle Wes was concerned like you are. I think they (county,state, FS ?) built a new road into the Overland and actually called up a National Guard or Reserve Unit for control. Bottom line is I think the Overland is still there. Good luck. More on our trip later on our blog. Bob