Thursday, June 25, 2009

Front Board and Tailgate Built

Today I finished building the front board and the tailgate. Everything appears to fit fine and work as it should. Here's a picture of the tailgate in place in the closed position.

And here's one with the tailgate partially open.

The tailgate is built as dad described it to me, and the latch is my design. I doubt that the latch would hold up for long under harvest use, but for the light duty it will encounter in retirement, it should do fine.

I've dismantled them now and am in the process of applying the finish. Meantime, there are still a few small things to do. Additionally, Galena has a list of honey do's as long as my arm, so maybe I can work a few of them in, too. We're going to Inlow to see the rest of the family for a few days sometime Saturday. Mike, Dana and boys are coming in from Alabama, so everyone is getting together to visit and see them.

1 comment:

  1. The endgate and box and sideboards all look exceptionally good and the time spent varnishing will be good for time to come.
    And Galena, I didn't think you were the kind of lady that would have honey-do jobs for Larry but guess you want to be sure he is kept busy without any time out.
    Love to both of you from Dad.