Thursday, July 9, 2009

(Mostly) Done !!!

Today I finished the last of the major jobs -- the bed. The endgate and front board are all finished and assembled, and the metal trim on top of the sideboards and the front board is installed. There may have been metal trim on the endgate, too, but I don't have that, so it will go without for now. Here's a picture of the whole truck as it looks now.

And here's a front view.

This is a closeup of the bed.

And the end of one of the cross rods, which also shows the trim on the top edge of the sideboard. I still have to trim the ends off of some of the bolts that are too long and then touch up with black paint. Most of the touch up is to the bolt ends and screws that didn't get painted. There are a few chipped area on the body to touch up, too, but they're pretty much areas that will just get worn off again.

It's really rewarding to see it this complete. It has been a long, long project, but seeing the end result makes it definitely worth it.

The next hurdle is to see if the trailer to haul it in gets here in time. As it stands now, it's scheduled to be complete July 17th, and will hopefully be in Aztec for me to pick up the 20th or 21st.

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  1. Congratulations on a really excellant job of restoring the Model T and it makes it more so as a family ownership from 1924 and sort of closing in on it's 100 years life by 2024.
    We are into the usual of hoping for a good rain as usual in western Kansas. The row crops are beginning to show stress from the 100 degree days.
    Hope your trailer gets to you in time. Looking foreward to seeing you guys.
    The ankle doctor wanted me to quit using the full boot and use another smaller unit that lets me wear a shoe or my eight inch lace boot. So far I would rather have the boot brace I was wearing. Maybe I will get to going good with the lessor brace.
    From Dad.