Monday, September 7, 2009

Blurry Vision, Floats That Don't and an Other Stuff ...

It's been a long time since I updated this blog. My detached retina is healing nicely. I still have some of the gas bubble in my eye, which is frustrating. It was supposed to take around four weeks to disappear. Yesterday was eight weeks and it's still not gone. I did get to come home after four weeks, though. I'm still on medication to keep the pressure down at this elevation. Most of my vision appears to be returning ok, but I'll have to have a new prescription to adjust to the change made by the detached retina. That can't happen until the bubble is all gone. Meanwhile, the vision in my right eye is pretty blurry.

Ronney and Karen were kind enough to go to Aztec to pick up the trailer for the Model T. I haven't loaded it in the trailer yet, but it should work fine.

The day after I came home from Albuquerque I took the Model T out for a short drive, then parked it in the garage. The next morning all the fuel had run out on the floor. Luckily, it only had a gallon or so in it. I fiddled with the carburetor, but to no avail. Fuel kept running out. I removed the carburetor and cleaned the float valve, thinking that there had to be some foreign material in it that was not letting it close. When I put it back on, still the same problem. After a lot of head scratching, I finally figured out that the float was full of fuel. This was on a newly rebuilt carburetor! I called the supplier and they sent me a new float. It seems that their rebuilder uses the old floats when rebuilding them. After receiving and installing the new float everything's fine again. Now I'm working on the headlights. I have them all rewired, but am going to have to order new bulbs from one of the parts suppliers.

Ronney, Karen and kids stopped by this afternoon on their way home from camping this weekend. I gave them all a ride in the Model T, so have some pictures of that.

Here're Rylee and Chase ...

And Karen ....

And Ronney.

I tried to get Ronney to drive it, but he said he isn't ready just yet.

Galena and I went over to Jemez Springs, then on up to Bandelier National Park yesterday. On the way, we stopped at the Valles Caldera and I took this picture of her by one of the signs. That's really some beautiful country.


  1. Hey, we are really glad to here from you via a blog. Glad to hear your eye is getting better even if it is too slow.
    The same thing about gas in the float was the problem with the fuel gauge in "Old Goldie" that Dan finally found gas in the float where a hole was in a crease.
    Everybody got a ride in the T and who was the extra dog with Jersey?
    Bob had 2 inches of rain with some hail and wind at the place and north but had nothing on Margies. They had 4 or 5 inches in Logan and Gove county and washed summer-fallow fields real bad.
    Great picture of Galena by the sign and the country scenery background.
    Our love to both of you from Dad and Lois.

  2. We received the photo of all of the 'Birds' inhabiting the birdhouse in the coziness of your home. Thank you for the delightful - heartwarming sharing. It brought a sweet song to my heart! Happy 25th Anniversary! Maybe Larry and I will be able to accomplish such a beautiful Marriage too!
    By the way the 'other' dog in the photo is Kaya the young friend for Jersey living with the Slugas'.
    Hope to visit you again soon. I missed going to Rainbow Lake for our reunion.
    Much love to you both and the families in KS from Galena (Larry is out in the garage I am sure he sends his love too!)