Monday, August 2, 2010

Wichita County Fair ....

Galena and I loaded the Model T into its trailer and headed out Tuesday for Leoti.

After a long day on the road, we unloaded the Model T in Dad's garage and parked the trailer.

Then we took off Wednesday morning for Clay Center, where we visited with some of Galena's family that she hadn't seen for several years, including her 94 year old Aunt Jessie.

On Thursday, we returned to Leoti and met up with the rest of the family at the afternoon "burger burn" at the fair. Friday we attended the Old Settlers' breakfast at the senior center. We spent the afternoon at the fair, then went to the rodeo in the evening. We had a great time showing off the Model T to family members. Dad demonstrated how they used to crank the engine to start it. He also gave me some pointers on shifting the auxilary transmission without grinding the gears and adjusted the carburetor so it ran smoother. The engine is running better as it gets a few miles on it.

Looking her over ....

Here's Galena with the Model T and her purple Wichita County Fair t-shirt and 4H hat.

New and Old ....

We made a sign for both sides telling about the history.

We're all ready for the parade.

Saturday morning Dad and I took the Model T to the parade staging area, then drove it along the parade route, throwing out candy to the kids.

After the parade we had a great time giving rides to everyone who wanted one.

Sunday morning we loaded it back up and started home. The road home was as long as it was coming, but we did manage to find a smoother route. We had a fabulous time with family and the fair, even though it was a year later than we originally planned. The wait was worth it !!!


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  2. Dad Wiles was sure a happy camper to have the Model T come to the Leoti Fair and for all to see the very professional restoration job Larry did on it. Sure was nice of him and Galena to make the trip here and back to their home with it. A wonderful experience to get to drive it again and take Lois for a ride in it.
    Thanks and love you all from Dad and Lois.