Sunday, July 18, 2010

Getting Ready for the Fair

Wow!! I can't believe summer is going by so fast. We still have lots of things we want and need to get done, and time is slipping by.

The Model T is nearly ready for the fair. I cleaned it up, cleaned up the tires and waxed the sheet metal. It shines up really nice. Here're a couple of pictures.

We took it up to Clear Creek picnic area for a birthday party Saturday, and got caught in a rain shower, so now I need to clean up the wheels and tires again. It was a nice slow shower, and much needed. It's starting to shower a little in the afternoons.... not much at all so far, but it cools it off really nice and makes the air smell fresh and clean.

I'm planning to replace the grease in the Warford transmission with John Deere's Corn Head grease. I haven't been able to find any around here, but the John Deere dealer in Alamosa has some, so we'll pick some up on the way to Rainbow Lake later this week.

Like a lot of other people in New Mexico, we've been visited by a bear. He made a mess of our deck while we were in Colorado last week, then came back for more twice after we got things cleaned up. Game and Fish is supposed to bring a trap if they can find one that's not in use. Here's a picture Galena took .....

We've learned not to keep anything at all that he might be interested in out in reach, which includes Sophiah's food. Sophiah is confused about where he's supposed to eat, but he'll figure it out I'm sure.


  1. Yay! Rainbow Lake and Fair -- here we come! The Model T sure is looking great; good job! See you soon.

  2. Aren't there some old bear traps in the barn? Grandpa? Probably not humane...

  3. Cleaned and shined Model T looks great and know it is a lot of fun work. Ha.
    Your friendly or hungry bear makes you move anything interesting to him to the inside and hope the doors and windows keep him away.
    And jennifer, that kind of trap is forbidden to be used. I wonder if animal rights found somebody catching a mouse in a trap would have them make an issue of it.
    We are putting up with 100 degree plus weather and don't really like it much. Hope for a change to a nice slow rain and cooler days.

  4. The glue traps for mice are supposed to be more "humane" but it sure makes you wonder if it's better to be stuck and left to slowly die of starvation or to go with a quick snap! I figured the bear traps were outlawed. They're pretty scary!

    Hope you all enjoy your Rainbow Lake trip, can't wait to see you all at the fair and to take a ride in the Model T. See you then!

  5. Cuba Fish and Game brought a bear trap up to DL and captured this good size bear with no harm done. They will tag him and deliver him to a larger open space for living conditions...which Sophiah and us are grateful for. It was a pretty big cage that captured this bear. He was not happy about it at the time of capture. Likely his first experience of being captured too. -- Galena