Thursday, March 5, 2009

Makin' Time !!!

I made pretty good progress this week. I completed the majority of the wiring, installed the dash and seats. The carburetor finally arrived today, and appears to be in good shape. I got it installed this morning and put some gas in the tank to check for leaks. There weren't any, so I went ahead and poured oil in the crankcase and coolant in the radiator. Still no leaks !!! So now I'm ready to see if it will run. However, that will have to wait until week after next, as we're going to Kansas next week. I talked to Rossi Morris, and he's going to bring a starter up after I get back and help me see if it will run. That will be a major step!

Here's the engine with the wiring and carburetor in place.

This is the dash. The picture's a little hard to see..... too much black I guess.

And here're the seats. They look good, but I've got to do some work on the top of the back seat. The upholstery was over the metal strip that bolts into the body, so I had to cut some of it off. I'll have to figure out some way to fasten it down better.

I spent most of today cleaning the garage, which was badly needed. There was a lot of dirt and dried mud on the floor from parking muddy vehicles inside over the winter. I may try to work on the seat back tomorrow if I can find some kind of cement to fasten it back down.


  1. Great progress with the Model T. No leaks sure sounds good. Great news that you and Galena are coming to Kansas. Hope we can get some gentle moisture but hope everybody has safe traveling.
    Love from Dad and Lois.

  2. It is really starting to come together! I'm sure it seems faster to me than it does to you :) The kids and I are planning to be in Leoti sometime next week; maybe we'll get to see you two while we're there!