Friday, May 22, 2009

Building a new bed...

This week I started working on the new bed. So far I've cut the boards for the main beams and the four cross supports and planed them to size. The next step is to make the final cuts to shape and drill the holes for the bolts that hold the frame together. Here's a picture of the main beams and the 2x4s that will make the supports.

and here's a picture of the old main beams and one of the original cross supports that I'm using as patterns for the new ones.
Next week's project is to finish these pieces and install them on the truck frame so I can build the floor of the bed on them.

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  1. The woodworking material for the bed looks good and I'm sure you would like it better if it was all in place. The battery hanger on the 27 T that I look at has strap iron coming down on the outside of the frame which makes it barely clear the brake rod and then it is fastened to the running board. Maybe it would keep the battery wiped clean with your pantleg when you got out. Definitely not a neat looking job. I'm sure your idea on the frame back of the cab is much better.
    We got a nice rain of ...58 inch of rain here in town and 1.40 at the farm and also up on the farming by Duane Woods. Really appreciated it.