Friday, May 1, 2009

First round of carpentry is done

I finished the wood work on the top this afternoon. Next, I'll put on three coats of the same finish I used on the spokes, then see how good I am at upholstery. Here's a picture of the top as it looks now.

And here's what it looks like sitting on the cab...

I've been having trouble finding new round head and bevel head slotted screws. All the hardware and home supply stores seem to have only phillips head screws. Next week I'm going to Albuquerque to check at a fastener supply store, and to see if I can find a source for the wood to rebuild the bed. I received the new floorboards this week, so need to finish them and put them in, as well as install a battery box. So far the battery is sitting on the floor on the passenger side of the cab. In addition, I'm still working on cleaning up the metal parts of the bed, so there's plenty to do.


  1. The top looks really good and the bows set it off like original.
    I don't recall seeing a battery box on a T as the one I know about was in your arm out by the crank in front. Nothing modern about me. I think I hear somebody laughing somewhere. I like to hear you laugh, Galena!!!
    Love from Dad.

  2. Sure enjoy the updates you post, Larry. Keep up the good work! I follow these every time you post them, but I'm having trouble posting a comment to you. Just thought I'd try it from this different computer while I'm away from home. Hope it goes!

  3. Huh! So I have some sort of glitch between my computer and your blog! :-)