Monday, November 9, 2009

Ready for Winter

Yesterday we loaded the Model T into the trailer for the winter (depending on the weather). I still have a couple more things that I intend to do on it, but plan to leave them until next spring or summer.

Here's the trailer hooked to the blue F-150 and the Model T behind ready to load.

This picture shows Model T going up the ramp into the trailer.

And here it is in the trailer and strapped down.

This will probably be the last post to this blog for quite a while. My plan for next spring is to finish wiring the lights, add a generator, make a new floor mat, and (maybe) make a second set of sideboards to go on top of the existing ones.


  1. Very good pictures and looks like it's a good home for the Model T. Thank you very much for giving us the views of it.
    We finished row crop harvest today and are sure glad about that.
    We had a very nice sympathy card signed by all the Deer Lake Friends which we really appreciated. Love to Larry and Galena

  2. Looks awesome Larry. Great job on it. The wood looks particularly impressive. You must have some kind of a secret wood finishing technique to make it look so good?