Friday, February 5, 2010

Is Winter Almost Over ???

It's been a long time since I updated this blog. There's nothing new to report on the Model T, as it's stored in the trailer for the winter.

January was pretty snowy here this year. So far we've had a little over sixty inches of snow this winter, with more than half of it coming in January. We're expecting another storm this weekend. So far I've managed to keep it mostly under control. Here's a picture of me using our neighbor's Bobcat to push the snow back and pile it higher.

He lets me use the Bobcat if I keep the road to his cabin open. It comes in handy when the piles of snow get too big to move with my ATV. The only disadvantage to the Bobcat is if you get it stuck, it's stuck good. The snow on the north side of the garage is up to the roof, so I have to shovel it away after each storm so the snow sliding off the roof has somewhere to go.

I opened the trailer to check on the Model T. Here's a picture I took through the front door of the trailer.

I'm getting anxious to get it (and the motorcycle) out, but it may be quite a while before I can do either.

On my way to Albuquerque last week I took this winter picture of Cabezon Peak.

Looks pretty cold !!!

It's beginning to look like we're going to use up all the firewood that's stacked on the deck by the middle to end of March. I hope the snow melts enough to uncover the wood by the garage. Otherwise, I'll have to dig it out from under the snow.


  1. We're up to maybe 15 inches of snow total, so I guess we'll stop complaining -- but maybe not. Isn't that the great American pasttime? Complaining about the weather?

    Love you both!

  2. Hey, Larry, we really appreciated your newsy blog and are waiting for Galena to post a blog of her doings or whatever. I'm sure she has been helpingf you scoop snow away from the garage roof to make room for more.
    Talking about getting the Bobcat stuck, I was blading one of our light snows off and got the blade hung up where the lawn is higher than the cement and had to pull it off with the pickup. Fun! Fun!
    We are having lots of cold weather and light snows.
    Our love to both of you from Dad & Lois

  3. I think you have a typo in there, Larry. Surely you meant to say six inches of snow isntead of sixty. Right? :)