Friday, March 12, 2010

Come On, Sunshine !!!

After eight inches of new snow Tuesday night and another twelve inches Wednesday night, the total so far this winter is now 105 inches. Wednesday and Thursday were plowing days. I haven't got the meadow plowed, as the snow is too wet and deep. I guess if I want to get anything out of the meadow I'll have to dig it out by hand. I don't want to use the Bobcat, as the ground isn't frozen and the Bobcat is pretty hard on muddy ground.

I shoveled the snow away from the north side of the garage again. Hopefully, this will be the last time and the weather will warm up enough to melt it down. There's so much snow piled up there now that it's difficult to throw it that far. Here's a picture of how it looked after I finished shoveling...
and here's how it looked about twenty minutes after I finished shoveling.

There's supposed to be another storm on the way Sunday night. I hope it doesn't drop too much more snow. I'm ready for spring.


  1. Wow! You should have some major run-off when the spring thaw starts in earnest! Hang in there.

  2. Hey, Larry, are you losing any waistline with your scooping or do you take too many rest stops with a couple of cookies throwed in:::: We had about .70 hundreds of rain the first of this week and yesterday and today were very windy.
    If ten inches of snow makes an inch of moisture you have ten inches of moisture for your 105 inches of snow. That should make the forest floor wet.