Thursday, June 10, 2010

Spring has Sprung and Summer's Just Around the Corner .....

We had the honor of a visit by Dad and Lois earlier this week. It was great. We enjoyed lots of visiting, rides in the Model T and some sight seeing. Galena and I got some high-level lessons in how to play "Up and Down". Maybe (with a lot of practice) we'll be able someday to achieve a level where we can offer some competition.

It's turned off warm, dry and windy this spring. The fire danger level is currently "Very High" here. There were a couple of fires started by careless Memorial Day Holiday campers, one of which burned nearly 2,000 acres of forest near Fenton Lake. We're anxiously awaiting some moisture.

Here's a picture of Dad and Lois heading out on a ride in the Model T.

And here they are returning from a spin around Deer Lake.

Here's a picture of them with the truck just after unloading it from the trailer.

Galena was so busy taking pictures we didn't get her in any of them, so here's on of her on the couch on the deck with Sophiah the cat.

A nice picture of Teakettle Rock that Lois took:

Galena, Dad and Lois at Abiquiu Lake.

As I said, we had a great visit. We're looking forward to more family time at Rainbow Lake in July, and at the Wichita County Fair.


  1. Thanks for the pictures and the update on your visit. We talked with Daddy and Lois last night, and it sure sounded like they had a wonderful trip from beginning to end! Looking forward to Rainbow Lake -- it'll be here before we know it!

  2. Nice to have a blog from you and the good pictures. After two days of 100 degrees plus to-day was a high of 66 with a very light mist. Leoti hosted a swim meet so we went over to watch Lane in three different events. The swim kids were all frezing and the spectaters got out their coats and blankets trying to keep warm as there had to be a 20 mile per hour north wind to make things worse. We are ready to go to Sharon Springs this evening for Lois's high school alumni supper and celebration.
    Great to get to drive the Model T and all the tours and entertainment you gave us and tell Sophia we enjoyed petting him. Glad to hear the glitch came out of the T.