Wednesday, March 18, 2009

More to Come .....

Rossi came up this morning. We installed the starter, but he forgot to bring the cover that goes over the starter bendix, so we couldn't start the engine without it running oil all over everywhere. However, we did turn the engine over enough to get oil flowing and everything lubed. It was pretty dry from sitting so long. We checked the coils to make sure they are working. Everything appears to be a go. He's coming back Friday morning with a cover so we can start it up. I have to go to Albuquerque tomorrow, and will be gone all day.

I had an enjoyable time visiting with Rossi. It turns out that he knew some of the same people I did back in the sixties. He was into super modified racing, so knew Charlie Strance and some of the others that had race cars.

I did work some on the bed. I'm trying to decide whether to rebuild the whole thing or just fix it up enough that I can paint it for now.

I'll update the blog Friday afternoon to let you know how it went. It looks like it ought to go fine.


  1. We are anxiously waiting as I'm sure you and others are also. It's been very very warm the last couple of days and sure hope it is brewing good moisture for here. We turned the lawn sprinkler system on last night and it did water o.k. this morning so maybe that will bring a good rain. Hope the T runs good when you get the cover on you need.
    Good speed from Dad and Lois.

  2. We sent pictures of a Hooker-Fleagle 27 Model T truck with good sideboards on it for you to view on e-mail. We tried to get it on the blog but don't seem to know how.
    From confused Dad and Lois.