Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Musical Chairs

Rossi is coming tomorrow to help me get the engine started. Meanwhile, I've been sandblasting some of the tools that we found in the old garage on the farm last week. I need to put together another parts order so I can put the windshield and the back glass in. I need new gaskets for the glass as well as the "h" rubber that goes between the upper and lower panes of the windshield. I need a number of new screws that go in the door hinges and latches, too. Some of them I can find locally, but a few are odd shaped, so I'll have to get them from one of the Model T parts suppliers. Here's a picture of the tools I've cleaned so far.

This afternoon I spent shuffling things around. I loaded the Model T grain bed onto my trailer with the tractor, then put it on some saw horses under the leanto on the side of the garage. I spent more time hooking up and moving trailers than moving the bed. Here's a picture of the bed loaded on the trailer and strapped down.

This is the bed on the sawhorses. Now I'll be able to take off the metal parts of the bed to sandblast and paint them.

Here's a picture of the rear of the bed with the Kansas antique plate. ELRJ stands for "Earl, Evelyn, Larry, Robert and Joann.

I hope I have time to update the blog tomorrow to report how it went starting the engine.

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  1. Well, Larry, it looks like you have parts, parts, parts, and more parts to clean and paint. Looks like the wrenchs cleaned up very nice. Hope the engine starts up good and runs like it is supposed to as I'm sure it will. The iron on the box is prabably another challenge.
    Love from Dad and Lois